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Does the Perspective of the Listener Matter?


Interesting Commentary on Marriage

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(Do you see these couples as potentially peaceful? Bored and mechanized? Close or distant? OK or not OK?)

Can One Ever Successfully Possess or Fully Know Another Person?

“Marriage … that odd mixture of violent devotion and legitimate lust in which desire eventually gives way to a forced and decorous composure that captures the essential opacity of even one’s most intimate partner”

Alberto Moravia (translated from Italian)

As Paul Simon said, "Remember, one man's ceiling is another man's floor!

(Thank you Laura Slap for this one.)

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Let's Dispense with the Therapy, Here's What You Need to Know, Eh?!!??

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Inspires confidence, no?

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Unique Problems re: Being a Psychotherapist

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Say, I Happen to Practice Psychotherapy Right Here in Jersey!

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