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Insurance, Fees

Five Key Questions for Your Insurance Company

In order to help you determine what part of the cost of psychotherapy your insurance company will cover, I will need to have the answers to five key questions:

1) Are you covered for out-of-network, outpatient mental health

services? (In other words, does your insurance company offer you "choice" or is it an HMO that requires you to stay in-network?)

2) If so, what is your deductible?

3) How many sessions are you covered for per year? And what if there is medical necessity?

4) What percentage of what the insurance company considers a customary and reasonable fee is covered by the insurance company, and what is your co-insurance (e.g., 80%-20%, 70%-30%, 50%-50%, etc.)?

5) Is there any pre-certification or pre-authorization required?

You can typically find out the answers to these questions by calling the number for member services, listed on the back of your insurance card.

Insurance Assignment

Under certain circumstances, I accept "assignment", which means that you permit your insurance company to pay me directly for their part of my fee. Essentially, I am thereby laying out that money for you, so that all you have to pay out-of-pocket is your deductible and the co-insurance amount. (See Assignment Agreement)

Feel free to inquire about any other insurance issues. I am happy to discuss and help simplify these matters.


Please call to discuss fees, as these vary based upon length of session, insurance coverage and type of therapy being sought (i.e., couples, family, individual, etc.).

Method(s) of Payment

I accept checks, credit cards, PayPal and/or cash. (2.75% is added for credit cards [see below for American Express Cards] used in office to cover processing fees; 3.50% is added for any PayPal payments to cover processing fees; and 3.50% is added to process American Express Cards in office or for cards that have to be keyed in vs. swiped in).

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